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Mako | Transmasculine | Artist | Fanfic Writer | Frog Lover Extraordinaire

Here, you'll find my commissions page and links to all of my social media! Thanks a bunch for having a look at my art!

Commission Prices


  • $10 for 100x100 pixel style icon

  • Background included


  • $25 uncolored

  • $35 flat color

  • Fullbody only

  • Background can be simple or solid colored as preferred

  • Additional characters +75%

  • Up to TWO more characters can be added for a total of THREE.


  • $85 for 2000x2000 pixels

  • Can choose between cel shading, or full rendering. The price will remain the same, however.

  • Simple to intermediate background included (discuss with me)

  • Fullbody only

  • Additional characters +75%

  • Up to TWO more characters can be added for a total of THREE

Additional Information

Pay completely upfront. Payment plans are negotiable but I will only begin drawing once it's fully paid off, please speak with me on this matter.

Redos ONLY for entire sketches available, will only redo once for free. Anything after will cost you $10, and paid redos will be done up to 3 times. (Small revisions won't cost you though!) Once lineart is started, redos will no longer be available. Revisions for icon sketches are completely free, but can only be done 4 times.

Please read the Terms of Service (linked on this page with an icon) before you decide to order something from me.

Terms of Service

What I'm willing to do:

  • Monsters

  • Gore

  • Body Horror

  • Furries

  • Humans

  • Violence

  • NSFW (Discuss with me the limits, please)

  • Feral characters (like pokemon, cryptids, animals, etc.)

  • Fanart

  • LGBT+ characters

What I will NOT do:

  • Themes like racism, homophobia, transphobia, Nazis, etc. are not welcome.

  • Complicated mechanical designs such as robots, mechs, ships, etc.

  • Minors in harmful/sexual situations are a no, no matter the content of your image.

  • Scat

  • Hate speech/slurs/threats

  • Guns

  • Drugs

I maintain the right to decline commissions for any reason, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Rudeness on commissioner's behalf

  • Whether or not I feel comfortable with the subject of the drawing

  • If I don't feel I can do the subject proper justice

  • If the commission does not interest me

  • If the client is underage and asks for something nsfw.

Please maintain a kind attitude when speaking with me, and do not harass me or any clients for content I am willing to create, or have created. This offense will result in you being blocked and you will no longer be able to commission me again.

Estimated turnarounds can be asked for, as the results will vary. Though if you have a deadline you would like to keep, please discuss this with me IMMEDIATELY and make sure I have at least two weeks to complete your drawing. It may not take me that long, but I would appreciate it. If I'm not given the time I asked, you will no longer be able to commission me again.

Remember that I am human, and life is unpredictable. Important things can come up in the middle of the commission and I will communicate with you if so. Please be patient with me.

I will give progress updates for your art, and you may ask for one when you see fit. Please keep up open and honest communication with me as I create for you.

Please give me some form of reference if asking for an OC, even a crude MS paint doodle will do.

Refunds, if necessary, will be paid back by 50% if I spent time and have considerable progress done on a work, 75% if I haven't started or just started, as my time is valuable and my slots extremely limited.

I fully and happily welcome feedback as well, as I'd like to provide a quality and service! Your opinion matters to me!
If you read everything, thank you! As a gift for reading everything, you have a one-time code you can message me to receive 20% off of one order!

DM me the code MONSTERMASH to receive 10% off of your first commission! 15% if the subject is a monster of some sort! ;o)